undercoat) also known as chiengora, into yarn and make a lasting memory out of it.  Whether it be a teddy bear, a garment such
as a hat, scarf, cowl or whatever you can dream up, even a pillow, you will always have a piece of your beloved pet to treasure.   
A little fur goes a long way, but if you only have a very little bit, I can make a heart, ornament or even a pouch.  The sky is pretty
Your one-of-a-kind treasure is done from beginning to end by hand.   It all starts by you collecting the fur.  If you pet has an
undercoat, what I need is that undercoat you get from normal brushing whether is be dog, cat, rabbit, chinchilla etc.  This makes
the softest, warmest (about 80% warmer than wool), most luxurious yarn, similar to angora.  If you have a poodle or similar I can
spin the clipped fiber, it needs to be at least an inch long.  I can spin yorkies, otterhound or similar fur too.  The only fur I really
cannot spin is shorthaired breeds like pointers, pitbulls and such.  It would be way too scratchy and like twine.  

Once I get your pet's fur, I start with  handcarding and blending if needed (if blended, I use merino wool from our small flock of
sheep - taking it from raw fiber).  Then I handspin it into yarn on my spinning wheel into a single strand yarn for a single ply yarn
or I ply two single strands of yarn together for a stronger yarn (2 ply).  What type of yarn I make depends on its intended use.  I
then wash to set the twist and clean and deodorize the yarn.  It will not smell of "wet dog" when done cleaning.  It is then ready to
create.  Then if you want me to create something, I use my skills of  knitting, crocheting and weaving and some felting to create
your keepsake.   

Pet fur has no "memory", meaning it will grow out of shape as it is worn, so I often blend it with the finest, softest wool there is,
merino wool.  We have a small flock of merino sheep and I use the wool I harvest from them processing it from beginning to end
by hand.  You can meet them here (
merino sheep).  Depending on the intended use for the yarn and the pet's fiber, I blend in a
25/75 fur or 50/50 blend.   Blending is also decreases the warmth of the article and reduces the halo/fuzzy effect some.  

If you are interested in having your pet's fur handspun into just yarn or also made into a memory,
contact me at
hammond@mosquitonet.com for a quote.

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From Otterhound to Teddy Bear
Have a very small amount of fur, how
about a small heart or something similar.
Guardian Dog to
Teddy Bear.
Turkish Angora Cat
to Hat.
Husky hat, blended 75 fur/25 merino wool.  
Cherish a Keepsake From Your Beloved Pet
Custom Pet Fur (Chiengora) Creations
Get a bit itchy, here is a Dog fur polar
fleece lined hat,
Initials of the two irish setters fur used to
make this heart in the colors of their collars
Made from two irish setters, edged in the
colors of their collars (purple and green)
and their owners favorite color (teal).
Have just a small amount of fur, this
heart has a pet fur front and a felt back.
Had a lock of long hair and
made this angel out of it.
attached to it when the time comes.
Large Heart, about 8 X 10 inches
This whimsical puppy is made from
standard poodle fur that was spun into yarn
from the locks as they were cut off the dog
to keep the curls somewhat intact.
Have only a tiny bit of fur, this is an
option.  A simple bracelet.  This is made
of soft-coated wheaton terrier fur.