Before acquiring a LGD, do LOTS of research.  These breeds are NOT for
They are strong willed, independent and do most of the "guarding" by

As we both love domestic and wild animals, when we started our farm 15
years ago we wanted to manage our farm in harmony with nature as much as
possible.  We Really do not want to destroy wildlife and domestic animals
protecting our livestock unless Absolutely necessary.   So...a  livestock
guardian dog has been the perfect answer to our dilemma.   We currently
have a herd of angora goats, a flock of  merino sheep and poultry.  We have
not lost any animals to predators when our lgd's been on duty.  We have
brown and black bear and wolves going thru our yard (they have killed
animals around us) and of course the occasional high prey drive Alaska
Husky dog that gets loose.  They even protects our poultry from the ravens,
hawks and of course foxes, weasels etc.  
They are probably the most valuable asset to our farm!
Maremma Sheepdog
Maremma Sheepdog
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